Hello! I'm Miss Flaversham. Olivia Flaversham. My daddy was taken by that big, old, ugly rat called Ratigan, but clever Basil and Dr Dawson helped me get him back! Oh, and Toby helped too! He likes crumpets! I hope I can speak to you soon, as long as you're not a rat or a bat with a pegged leg.
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Meeting Toby

Basil: Now, hurry along, Dawson! We must be off to Toby's.

Dawson: Toby's?

Basil: Oh, you must meet him, he's just the chap for this.

Dawson: You- You want me to come?

Basil: Hah! I should think a stout-hearted army mouse like you would surely leap at the chance for adventure!

Dawson: [chuckles] Well, I am rather curious.

Olivia: Wait for me! I'm coming too!

Basil: What?! Certainly not! This is no business for children.

Olivia: Are we going to take a cab?

Basil: Young lady, I don't think you understand, it will be quite dangerous- [sits on his violin, snapping it in two] Why you-! Look what- [restrains himself] Young lady, you are most definitely not accompanying us! And that is final!